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People love to hate.

2016-03-05 19:55:01 by shadowcounter

This person went out of his way to let me know I was inferior to the oginal animator, not knowing, I am the orginal animator.

"I haven't reviewed a flash in many years and I don't ever think I've given this low of a score but this flash lacks all originality. I was a big fan of the original series and flash artist you completely ripped off of. Everything here pales in comparison to the original. Its one thing to remake or make a fan submission or spin off but what you did here is copy the original flash but managed to do everything worse. The animation isn't as close to as good and while the dialogue is almost completely lifted the delivery and comedic timing is off. Hyabusaslice, the artist you ripped off of had a clear purpose and motivation for his flash. It was a satire on true events in his flash history, so you even ripping off of it serves no purpose. I hope in the future you decide to be more original because your animation isn't horrible, it just doesn't work in this context."

This is what made me laugh. "The animation isn't as close to as good "

See or yourself

Original 5236190_145722570073_dAJTCRh.gif

Rmake 5236190_145722569912_TXAVVbo.gif5236190_145722569843_5c4zfoC.gif

Remake 5236190_145722569753_aaNjogs.gif

Original 5236190_145722569633_NBhw3eB.gif

Remake 5236190_145722569531_pLNwNY7.gif

Original 5236190_145722569423_oD3rqAZ.gif

Remake 5236190_145722569473_VJJarY9.gif



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2016-03-05 20:04:18

Damn, you didn't mention the dude. Should have put him on blast for that retarded shit.


2016-03-05 21:21:01

Man...I remember that flash movie a long time ago. I didnt know you have a remake, will check it out later!


2016-03-06 05:43:40

I believe that the dude meant the style: he liked the drawing style in the first more than in the remake. It is true that the remake is more cartoony.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore both versions!


2016-03-06 11:50:40

Yeah of course people love to hate. That's what losers do. The trick is to not give a fuck about what losers think.


2016-03-06 16:22:40

Oh well, we all step in doodoo at times, and the reviewer clearly had both shoes in it :p
Lol, you ripped yourself off!


2016-03-06 19:25:15

Haha, thats pretty funny...


2016-03-08 04:28:24

There are. Critiques so horribly ignorant and sad that they aren't worth actually responding to. This is one of those times. Funny story though.