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Entry #2

Will never finish this, so here is what I had.

2017-04-04 00:49:44 by shadowcounter

Decided to finally let go. Went to long thinking "I will get back to it." Nah. Probably not gonna happen, so here is what I  was able to animate from the Zero Dragon fight sequence. :(


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2017-04-04 01:08:39

dang thats nice bro


2017-04-04 04:26:32

smooth movements


2017-04-04 11:21:58

They both looked awesome, keep at it.


2017-04-04 11:29:08

I've been such a big fan of yours ever since Zero Dragon and I enjoy all your stuff. I think I told you that years ago but you're overdue to hear it again. Keep being awesome :)